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You know you live in a SAD world when..


Sweeping ice is a sport

and not 

I don’t want to live on this planet.

A good, great cheerleader isn’t the girl who is the most flexiable, the flyer who can twist into any shape, the skinny one, the popular one, the one with the pretty face. All though that would all be a nice plus…that isn’t what makes a good cheerleader. A great cheerleader is someone who is the sweetest, and nicest off and on the mat. The girl who puts her team mates before herself. The one who doesn’t argue back and fourth with the coach and the other girls. A great cheerleader is one who supports their team in a time of need and doesn’t walk away when things get tough. She does not complain about getting moved to a different spot because simply, a cheerleader should be able to do all different things. ONE person, one cheerleader, does not make whole team. These qualities often get unnoticed because we are always looking at the main flyers on the team, or the ones with the pretty face. When really, we should be looking at the ones with the pretty heart. Who strive so hard to be the best, and works harder than half of anybody, but never gets noticed. THAT is what makes a great, amazing, beautiful cheerleader. (via cheer-swagg)

I’m so happy my first year competing and we won San antonio american cheer power nationals in our division!!!!!!!

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